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As Far as I See tickets

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As Far as I See

Venue: The New Stage

Národní 1393/4
110 00 Praha
Czech Republic
All dates
Season 2019

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As Far as I See
Mon 04 February 2019
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10:00 The New Stage
Left and Right 1-12
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Left and Right 1-9
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Event details

When Agátka was born, she could not see. Hence, in order to get to know the world around her, she had to touch it. In her imagination, trees have arms, rain drops possess faces and post boxes bite. By means of its wizardry, Laterna magika allows you to peep together with Agátka into a fantastic inimitable world you won’t be able to see elsewhere! The new production has been helmed by the director and animator Maria Procházková, famous for the films Who’s Afraid of the Wolf, Shark in the Head, etc.

Performance for children 5+

Duration of the performance: 1 hour, no intermission

Program details

Screenplay: Maria Procházková
Animation: Maria Procházková
Stage director: Maria Procházková
Choreography: Zdeněk Prokeš, Barbora Mandys Pauerová
Music: Marek Doubrava
Costumes: Simona Rybáková
Camera: Martin Štěpánek
Edit: Marek Opatrný
Sound: Jan Čeněk
Dramaturgy: Jolana Součková



Rozárka Husáková   
Ada Matoušů

Linda Rybová

Tomáš Měcháček

Milan Slepička

Veronika Blažejovská   
Zuzana Herényiová 
Anna Dvořáková   
Tereza Chábová 
Pavlína Červíčková   
Eva Zápotocká 
Sandra Danielová   
Daniela Koutná 
David Stránský   
Štěpán Pechar 
Alexandr Sadirov   
Libor Kettner 
Petr Münch   
Jakub Zapletal 
Jakub Sadílek   
Pavel Knolle 
Adam Sojka   
Anna Knollová 
Lucie Šimůnková   
Karolína Miková 
Míla Šturc   
Zuzana Hrzalová 
Marek Svobodník   
Jakub Šimůnek 
Tamara Kšírová

The New Stage

A theatre building constructed in 1983, a stage with a specific dramaturgy. You can see there Laterna magika and Drama performances and a number of other original projects.


The New Stage today


After a period of 18 years independence (1992–2009) when the New Stage served as home stage for e ensemble Laterna magika, the New Stage became part of the National Theatre in January 2010, so did the Laterna magika ensemble.


The New Stage of the National Theatre serves nowadays as an open space for performing arts with its separate management, a separate managerial unit within the National Theatre. The programming focuses primarily on contemporary cultural trends. The spotlight is aimed at contemporary dance, progressive drama alternatives, interactive performances, urban culture phenomena, multimedia projects, family programs and more. The New Stage has been since January 2010 playing an active part at the cultural scene in Prague providing the original concept of creative artistic institution within the structure of National Theatre.


The New Stage is open to both Czech and international audience and the programming meets the needs of both audiences. The repertoire of the New Stage can be divided into three parts: performances  by the Drama and Ballet Ensemble of the National Theatre and performances by the artistic ensemble Laterna magika. The remaining third of the repertoire is devoted to international guest performances, local and international co-productions, emerging artists in theatre and visual arts, contemporary dance, workshops, conferences, festivals and other accompanying programs. The repertoire of the New Stage includes also a wide-range of special projects and one-off events that take place both in the New Stage building as well as the piazzeta of the National Theatre.


By car

To the centre (Old Town), approach on Masarykovo nábřeží (Masaryk embankment) in the direction from the Dancing House, at the fork crossroads in front of the National Theatre turn right to Divadelní street and then right again to Ostrovní street to the National Theatre car park. Parking costs 50 CZK/h. 


By tram

By daytime trams Nos. 6, 9, 18 and 22 or night trams Nos. 53, 57, 58, 59 to the stop “Národní divadlo”, by daytime tram No. 17 to the stop “Národní divadlo”.


By metro

To the station “Můstek”, line B (yellow), and then by foot along Národní street, or to the station “Karlovo náměstí” and then two stops by trams No. 6, 18 or 22 to the stop “Národní divadlo” To the station “Staroměstská”, line A (green), and then two stops by tram No. 17 to the stop “Národní divadlo”. 

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