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Cinderella Shadow Theater tickets

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Cinderella Shadow Theater
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NEW! Saturday double ticket for 2 shows = CINDERELLA 18:00 then 60 minutes break and PHANTOM 20:00



Watch a performance of the classic Cinderella love story at the On the Royal Road Theatre in central Prague. See live actors perform the legendary fairytale in shadow form inside an historic 18th-century building close to the Charles Bridge.


What to Expect

See a shadow theater performance of the timeless love story “Cinderella” at an 18th-century theater in central Prague. Experience the magic of the fairytale from a new perspective.

Follow the famous story of a poor girl who enchants a wealthy prince with her beauty and charm. It’s a timeless story that has captivated young and old alike for centuries. Now, you can see it told in a new and unique way, in the form of shadow theater.

The performance uses contemporary modern dance and the magic of shadows, in combination with colorful projections to create a spectacular effect on canvas right before your eyes. Now a worldwide theatrical phenomenon, shadow theater has a long history, dating back to ancient China when it was performed using the light of a candle flame.

Today, modern technology allows this magical art form to reach its full, enchanting potential, and you will see it bring the classic story of “Cinderella” to life.

Program details

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